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Mark Posey, MCOT Project Manager

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Terry Hodges, MCOT Project Manager

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The Greater Jackson Partnership


Funded by U.S. Department of Labor in partnership with Southcentral MS Works Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership WIN Job Centers

Trainee Eligibility

MCOT Professional Skills Training in the targeted occupations is available to unemployed and underemployed individuals, age 18 and older, who have:

            a. been determined to be MCOT eligible by WIN Job Center staff according to U.S. DOL and Southcentral Mississippi Works criteria, and

            b. been registered by WIN Job Center staff prior to beginning training, and

            c. met the employer's educational requirements for the position in whicht they are being hired

MCOT trainees may not during work hours assist, promote or deter union organizing or political activities or engage in religious or anti-religious tasks.

MCOT trainees may not be employed in the construction, operation or maintenance of any facility which is used for religious instruction or worship.

MCOT trainees are not required or permitted to work or train in buildings or surroundings under working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous or dangerous to the trainee’s health and safety.